A Custom Approach to Executive Search

As we enter our fifth year at Sheer Velocity, we want to thank all of our clients and friends for their continued support. As this is our inaugural blog post, we’d like to share more about our retained executive search firm’s approach to helping our clients prosper.


Finding a Cultural Fit

Recognizing that the economic climate is constantly shifting on a global scale, your business’s ability to remain competitive in the marketplace relies on its ability to make adjustments quickly – and that, in turn, depends on your organization’s leadership team. As such, recruiting and retaining talented executive leaders that flourish in your unique and evolving culture should be a top priority.

Sheer Velocity saves companies like yours countless frustrating hours identifying these candidates. First, we dive deep to understand your needs. Then we help you find, qualify and recruit the best available talent who will both thrive within your culture and drive results to your bottom line. Our executive recruiters aren’t simply headhunters; they’re talent acquisition experts who work diligently on your behalf, using a search process that provides you with a 360-degree view into the identification and selection of candidates.

We know that nine out of ten times employees leave an organization due to its culture, not their business acumen, so we developed a unique Cultural Alignment Survey that helps our executive recruiters identify candidates who have the right business acumen and who will fit in seamlessly with your team. This tailored approach can help increase employee retention and give you a greater return on investment.

We Want to Hear from You

We’d love to hear about your challenges. What processes have you gone through to define and identify the right cultural fit for your executive search? What talent challenges are you facing? What are some processes you’ve implemented that have improved your retention rates? How can we help you in planning and identifying the talent needs for your organization? Let us know in the comments.

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