The Board Institute

At Sheer Velocity, we believe that strong functioning boards are pivotal to an organization’s success which starts with the strategic recruitment of your board members. By assessing the strengths of your current board of directors, we are also able to identify gaps to be filled when seeking a new board member, to ensure a stronger functioning board. Therefore, we have partnered with The Board Institute, to make your corporate board a strategic force in your company’s success.

The Board Institute improves boards of directors and corporate governance through their suite of world-class, web-based, validated, easy to use tools to evaluate the effectiveness of the board, the committees, and the individual directors in public and private companies. The Board Institute’s Indices offer the first and only accredited, independent solution for board education and board evaluation. By serving as a risk filter and validating the board to the shareholders, use of The Board Institute’s Indices enhances the value of the organization. Good boards are critical to long-term corporate success and shareholder value. We invite you to visit and let us know your thoughts.


Sheer Velocity will remain in close contact with your new hire, including obtaining formal feedback at 60 and 90 days. You can count on us to confirm initial performance targets are being met and to corroborate cultural fit, to guarantee the greatest possible success and longevity for your executives.

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