2020 Predictions – Technology Potential

As we discussed in our 2020 predictions – human potential, there is a lot of energy focused on the potential for technology advancements to gain a stronger foothold in corporate America. Forrester’s 2020 predictions highlights a number of these technology trends they believe will have an impact in the coming year. IT departments have been … Continued

Lessons From Female Board Chairs

More women are being appointed to a public company’s board of directors than ever before. Yet the number of women who are chair is still low. Between the Fortune 500 and FTSE 100, there are only 30 female chairs even though women hold 22.5% and 29% of the board seats respectively. To learn more about … Continued

Insights on Corporate Boards 2019

Technology has created a global, fast changing business environment that is unlike any we’ve experienced before. Leading and managing companies of any size is more complex and requires new skills. Executive leaders are facing higher expectations and increased transparency, and the board is no different. What can we learn from insights on corporate boards in … Continued

Top Seven (7) Female CEOs

Female CEOs are on the rise in Fortune 500 companies. 2019 represents a record year, with 33 female CEOs. While this is still a small percentage of the overall total at 6.6%, it does represent an increase of 37.5% over last year, when there were 24 female CEOs. Additionally, Glassdoor’s annual survey of the top … Continued


Every year a new report comes out on CEO pay, and it tends to call out the discrepancy between CEO compensation and their employees. The question it begs is how reflective of the overall market is the data being shared? The answer is not as simple as you might think. Articles like this one and … Continued

Female CEOs Make More Than Men (With A Catch)

As we recently wrote about, CEO pay reached record levels in 2018. This is the fourth consecutive year with pay reaching a new high for CEOs at the country’s largest companies. And this was regardless of stock-market results. The median pay for S&P 500 CEOs was $12.4 million. You might be surprised to learn that … Continued

3 Top HR Trends for 2020

We know that the workforce of the future will be different. We’re already experiencing dramatic changes in the composition of workers. Baby boomers are retiring in record numbers, and beyond millennials, we’re seeing generation z enter the workforce. As we move towards the majority of workers being digital natives, these tech savvy employees have different … Continued

Top 5 Soft Skills For Leaders

Every executive has no doubt heard the term ‘soft skills’ quite a bit lately. Just look at Google Trends for the term, and you’ll see that in the past year and a half, the search volume for the term has quadrupled from 2013. What has made soft skills top of mind? And what are the … Continued

The Best Six (6) Books Every New Manager Should Read

As a new manager there is a lot to digest. You are taking on new responsibilities and challenges that you haven’t faced before. You might be managing people for the first time in your career or you’re now accountable for a P&L. No matter the situation, there is a lot to learn. The following are … Continued

Customer Centric Leadership

Putting the customer first is easier said than done. Customer centric leadership is a wonderful concept, but does it work in practice? The answer is yes, assuming you adopt the process across the entire organization and execute well. According to recent Gallup research, when you are able to build emotional bonds with customers, you can … Continued