Startup Hiring Mistakes

Startups are appealing to many people for many reasons, not the least of which is to be an early hire at the next Stitch Fix, Roku, or Okta. If you ask any investor, a startup’s team is the most critical element to its success. Thus, hiring is one of the most important activities a founder … Continued

Finding the Right CEO

CEO transitions are becoming more common. Per a recent study, the median tenure of large cap company CEOs is down to just five years. Replacing a CEO requires time and planning from the board and executive team. And finding the right CEO can mean the difference between sustained growth and stagnation. Harvard Business Review (HBR) … Continued

Cost Effective Executive Hiring

We have written about the cost of making a bad hire previously. But what does cost effective executive hiring look like? It’s not as cut and dry as most companies think. In fact, when looking at all of the numbers associated with hiring executives, companies can underestimate the total cost by half. The primary cost … Continued

Create High Performing Teams

Everyone likes to think they are part of a high performing team, and if they aren’t it’s certainly not their fault. Unfortunately for all of us, there is not one right way to ensure your team his high performing…or is there? What does it take to create a high performing team? To find out, Google … Continued

Do You Have A Buyer Seller Gap

Buyers are changing. The advances made in consumer sales has created new expectations for B2B buying, after all, buyers are consumers first and foremost. Personalization, immediate gratification, and simplicity are all areas buyers expect when making a purchase. Have you kept up with the changes in order to meet buyer expectations or do you have … Continued

The Top Bad Recruiting Practice

Recruiters, whether in-house, contingency, or retained are facing a changing landscape. No longer in the driver’s seat, this top bad recruiting practice can hurt them and their clients. Today’s hiring environment has far more open positions than candidates. Gone are the days of candidates lining up for a posted position. This change has put a … Continued

CIO Outlook

Chief Information Officers (CIO’s) are facing growing digital proliferation. As cloud applications are becoming the new standard operating procedure, it’s time to rethink the IT function. The CIO outlook on digital oversight is key to maintaining security and streamlining business operational efficiencies. Gone are the days when IT teams had full control over the software … Continued

Executive Level Interview Questions

Interviewing for an executive level opening is different for candidates. Whether this is the first time they are considered for a leadership role or they are looking to make a move to a new company, executive level interview questions are more nuanced to determine both culture and business acumen for the role. Interviewing is stressful … Continued

CEO Expectations

Baby boomer CEOs are retiring and their replacements are facing new challenges that require a different set of skills and competencies than their predecessors had to deal with during their tenure. Technology advancements and a new generation of employees are redefining CEO expectations. Digital advancements are on everyone’s radar, but that doesn’t mean they have … Continued