The Dark Side of Leadership: 11 Reasons Leaders Fail

A lot of our clients have asked us, why have you chosen Hogan Assessments as your preferred assessment for identifying leaders? After doing research and seeing the results, we feel the Hogan Leader Basis Series is one of the best predictors of executive leadership personality. Within the Leader Basis Series it evaluates people on seven- … Continued

The Impact of Cloud Computing

Whether you’re familiar with it or not, cloud computing has changed how companies operate. Every department is experiencing the effects of “the cloud”. As with any change that affects the entire enterprise, executives are expected to understand the impact of cloud computing and ramifications on the business in order to successfully guide the company to … Continued

4 Tips To Strengthen Your Professional Network

As we move through our careers, our network of contacts becomes larger as we meet more people in our different roles. While it’s great to have a large network, it gets more difficult to stay in touch with everyone. And whether you’re looking for a new position or not, keeping your network current is a … Continued

Debra Young invited to join Denver Business Journal Leadership Trust

Denver Business Journal Leadership Trust is an Invitation-Only Community for Top Business Decision Makers in the Denver Region Denver, Colorado (1/16/2020) — Debra J Young, Co-Founder/Managing Partner of Sheer Velocity, has been invited to join Denver Business Journal Leadership Trust, an exclusive community for influential business leaders, executives and entrepreneurs in the Denver area. Debra … Continued

Are CMOs Planning and Spending Wisely

Being a CMO has always been difficult. Until recently, you couldn’t accurately measure how well your programs were performing and what kind of growth you were delivering. With the advent of digital marketing, that issue was minimized, but you had to keep up with new online channels and tactics. And now, with data privacy laws, … Continued

4 Top Digital Manufacturing Trends To Keep An Eye On

We recently wrote about Industry 4.0 and the challenges faced by manufacturing firms in embracing the concepts. To help understand what changes are continuing to impact the industry, we wanted to look at the top digital manufacturing trends to keep an eye on for 2020. Much of what we talk about when referring to trends are … Continued

2020 Predictions – Human Potential

Most annual predictions are either too aggressive in how quickly they anticipate companies can adopt new practices, or they rehash the same things that have been said for the past few years…Internet of Things, Big Data…you get the idea. That doesn’t mean they are not worth a read, and the recent 2020 predictions from Forrester … Continued

CFOs Manage Risk

As you can imagine, CFOs are nervous about the near-term with economic indicators suggesting a recession could be happening. However, those fears won’t change the fact that CFOs are being tasked with more forward looking responsibilities than ever before. Instead of solely focusing on budgets, reporting, audits, and compliance, their role is shifting to be … Continued

CIO Infrastructure and Operations Trends

IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) has gone through tremendous change over the past decade. The increasing adoption of cloud computing and hybrid IT environments has changed the responsibilities and skills required of I&O staff, including the CIO. According to Gartner’s recently published I&O trends report, “IT leaders face pressure to more quickly create, deploy, manage … Continued

CFO Concerns

There have been predictions for the past year or so that a recession is coming. Unfortunately, no one knows when or how deep it might be. The naysayers are having an impact on the C- suite as a number of surveys highlight CFO concerns about the future. For the first time in more than a … Continued