Finding the Right CEO

CEO transitions are becoming more common. Per a recent study, the median tenure of large cap company CEOs is down to just five years. Replacing a CEO requires time and planning from the board and executive team. And finding the right CEO can mean the difference between sustained growth and stagnation. Harvard Business Review (HBR) … Continued

CIO Outlook

Chief Information Officers (CIO’s) are facing growing digital proliferation. As cloud applications are becoming the new standard operating procedure, it’s time to rethink the IT function. The CIO outlook on digital oversight is key to maintaining security and streamlining business operational efficiencies. Gone are the days when IT teams had full control over the software … Continued

CEO Expectations

Baby boomer CEOs are retiring and their replacements are facing new challenges that require a different set of skills and competencies than their predecessors had to deal with during their tenure. Technology advancements and a new generation of employees are redefining CEO expectations. Digital advancements are on everyone’s radar, but that doesn’t mean they have … Continued

Executive Leadership Styles

Successful executives are able to tap into a variety of approaches. Depending on the situation they are dealing with, they know what will motivate the team. The key is knowing how and when to use a specific approach. Executive leadership styles were the topic of a recent article in Inc. titled, These 7 Leadership Styles … Continued

2018 IBM C-Suite Study

Surveying more than 12,000 C-suite people globally, the 19th edition of the IBM Global C-suite Study provides surprising insights into how they view the foreseeable future of their businesses. Of note, for the first time in five years, technological factors was not the number one external force. Market forces claimed that spot which includes competition … Continued

Customer Experience and the C-Suite

As the past year began, we saw a significantly different corporate environment. Tax cuts from the new administration created a wave of growth and investment and added a few dollars to most employee paychecks. At the same time, unemployment continues to hover around 4%, the lowest it’s been in 18 years, and baby boomers are … Continued

CEO’s Lead Cybersecurity Initiatives

Cybersecurity has become a C-suite and board level issue. This is not surprising considering that data is now the world’s most valuable asset according to the Economist. And being uninformed on the issue is no longer acceptable, it’s time CEO’s lead cyber security initiatives. According to Tripwire VP Tim Erlin, “Accountability starts with the CEO, … Continued

CEO Concerns

As we enter the final quarter of 2018, a key concern for CEO’s is the recent trade policies enacted by the administration. After another $200 billion in tariffs went into effect, the Business Roundtable reported that roughly two-thirds of CEO’s believe that these recent tariffs and resulting trade tensions will negatively affect their capital investment … Continued

C-Suite Skills of the Future

The skills required of executives to successfully compete are changing faster than ever before. Not only has technology affected every department and how they operate, but the role of business’ in society is evolving as well. The C-suite skills of the future are highlighted in Deloitte’s 2018 Global Human Capital Trends report, The Rise of … Continued