7 New Leadership Books of 2019

As 2019 winds down we took a look at some of the new books on leadership we enjoyed reading over the past year. We selected a few to share with you in case you have some time for reading over the holidays. Below are our seven picks for new leadership books of 2019 to check … Continued

The Best Six (6) Books Every New Manager Should Read

As a new manager there is a lot to digest. You are taking on new responsibilities and challenges that you haven’t faced before. You might be managing people for the first time in your career or you’re now accountable for a P&L. No matter the situation, there is a lot to learn. The following are … Continued

Executive Interview Preparation

Interviewing for executive level positions is exciting and stressful at the same time. The opportunity to make meaningful decisions, contribute to the company’s business strategy, and lead a department create high expectations and increases the pressure you feel going into the interview. In addition to being prepared to answer questions executives may ask, there are … Continued

Do Companies Really Keep My Resume On File

As executive recruiters we sometimes hear candidates ask, “Do companies really keep my resume on file?” We understand, if a candidate doesn’t get an offer, they are disappointed. This is especially true if they were excited about the company. The answer to the question is, it depends. It has become common for companies to use … Continued

The Top Bad Recruiting Practice

Recruiters, whether in-house, contingency, or retained are facing a changing landscape. No longer in the driver’s seat, this top bad recruiting practice can hurt them and their clients. Today’s hiring environment has far more open positions than candidates. Gone are the days of candidates lining up for a posted position. This change has put a … Continued

Executive Level Interview Questions

Interviewing for an executive level opening is different for candidates. Whether this is the first time they are considered for a leadership role or they are looking to make a move to a new company, executive level interview questions are more nuanced to determine both culture and business acumen for the role. Interviewing is stressful … Continued

Preparing for an Executive Interview

Preparing for an executive interview is not the same as interviewing with human resources or a recruiter. Interviewing with C-suite executives is less about your technical skill set and more about your leadership style and approach. Your focus needs to shift and your awareness should guide your answers as well as your questions. Instead of … Continued

Should I Accept the Counteroffer?

As executive recruiters, our goal is to find the candidate that best matches the needs of an organization. It’s a process we don’t take lightly. Each role is critical to the success of the company, and each candidate is highly regarded in their field based on their past contributions to their employer’s success, which would … Continued