Hiring For Culture Fit or Culture Add?

Soft skills are important, especially at the executive level. Soft skills are arguably more important than technical skills for leaders. When hiring new executives, the term culture fit is often used, and with good reason, their impact on the company will be significant, good or bad. Yet culture fit can be used to mask poor … Continued

You Should Give Negative Feedback

Something that almost goes without saying, no one likes receiving critical feedback. We are social creatures, and whether we realize it or not, we crave acceptance from our peer groups. But giving negative feedback is almost as hard as hearing it. To get the most out of your team, you should give negative feedback. As … Continued

Millennial Leadership Development

Millennials are fast approaching the executive ranks. As the largest age group in the workforce, making up 50% of it by 2020, this generation is different than those that came before it. They are digital natives and focus on soft skills like emotional intelligence, diversity, and businesses responsibility for doing social good. Succession planning for … Continued

Executive Hiring Secret Trait

Hiring a new executive is a difficult task. This person is going to have a significant impact on the organization. As a new hire, they can bring fresh thinking and innovation or create inner turmoil and decrease productivity. These hiring decisions should not be taken lightly. What most CEO’s and HR departments don’t realize is … Continued

Are you Creating a Toxic Culture?

As a member of the executive team, you have influence. It could be over the entire organization or over a department, but the fact of the matter is your influence matters to everyone at the company as they watch and sometimes emulate the behavior they see at the top. If you and your team are … Continued

Interviewing Mistakes

Interviewing candidates for an executive opening is a significant step in the hiring process. How else are you going to be able to get to know your potential co-worker? At this level, you can expect the interviewee to have as many questions about your business as you do about their experience and culture fit. While … Continued

How can I Determine Culture Fit?

Interviewing for a leadership position is tricky. Everyone you’re going to talk to is going to have the requisite hard skills required for the job. Otherwise, they wouldn’t make it through the vetting process. The key to finding the right person for a senior role at the company is their soft skills. Determining this is … Continued

Finding the Right Executive Culture Fit

Working with retained executive search firms provides a number of benefits. One of the most important is finding the right executive culture fit. At this level of search, candidates have earned their stripes. They are very good at their jobs and have the technical/professional skill sets required to meet the job specifications. What really matters … Continued

Executive Assessments – Finding the Right Fit

As you’ve no doubt experienced, everyone you work with is far more interesting and complex than their resume initially indicated. While it provided an overview of their work history, education, and accomplishments, it can’t highlight how a person thinks, how they handle pressure, or define their interpersonal skills. When hiring for a senior level position, … Continued

Creating Successful Teams

If you’ve ever played sports, or even watched as a fan, you know the meaning of team effort. Creating successful teams means selecting the players based on the role they play. Even if you could have five Steph Curry’s starting on your basketball team, odds are you won’t perform well. While Steph may be the … Continued