Remote Executive Onboarding

Did you hire a new executive leader just before the pandemic? Or like a lot of other companies, you may have hired a new executive after we all moved to remote working. Either way, the onboarding experience for them and for you is quite different than anything we’ve experienced before. Do you have a plan … Continued

Successful Leadership Transitions

Executive transitions are difficult. The company is losing institutional knowledge and has to begin the process of identifying and training a new person. Executive transitions also impact the productivity of the team experiencing the change, can carry revenue implications in the short term, and affect the culture of the company. How can you ensure successful … Continued

Properly Onboarding Executives

Hiring a new executive is a time consuming process. Their impact on an organization is significant both from a financial and cultural point of view. So you do everything you can during the hiring process to ensure you hire the right person, from reference checks and assessments to meeting with other team members and role … Continued

Improve Executive Hiring Success Rates

Here at Sheer Velocity, we have always done things a little differently. Our approach focuses on transparency and tenacity in meeting your specific recruiting needs. The majority of our clients have worked with us on multiple assignments and have been with us for more than a year. Part of the reason for our success is … Continued

Executive Retention

You’ve just spent a fair amount of time and money with your executive search firm identifying and vetting your new c-level executive. But the work isn’t over. You’ve made a significant investment in this person and the last thing you want is for them to leave in the next year or two. To ensure both … Continued

How to Onboard a New Executive

You’re feeling the stress melt away as your executive search firm has identified a great new candidate for your VP or C-level opening. You’re confident in your decision and excited to have such a well qualified person joining the leadership team. The question you need to answer now is how to onboard your new executive? … Continued