4 Top Digital Manufacturing Trends To Keep An Eye On

We recently wrote about Industry 4.0 and the challenges faced by manufacturing firms in embracing the concepts. To help understand what changes are continuing to impact the industry, we wanted to look at the top digital manufacturing trends to keep an eye on for 2020. Much of what we talk about when referring to trends are … Continued

Industry 4.0

If you’re a manufacturing executive, you’ve no doubt heard the term industry 4.0 for the past few years. But like big data, it’s a broad term without a specific definition to know whether or not you’re embracing it to set your company up for success. To better understand industry 4.0, let’s take a look at … Continued

Chemicals Industry Trends

The PricewaterhouseCoopers 22nd annual Global CEO Survey included insights from 3,200 CEOs to look at specific industry trends and provide strategic recommendations for the future. In the Chemicals industry, optimism has turned to caution when looking beyond 2019. Per the report, “Just a short time ago, there was a notable dose of optimism evident in … Continued

Building Automation Systems (BAS) Executive Hiring

Hiring executives is difficult. Many of the best candidates are not actively looking. Of those that are identified, determining if they are a good cultural fit is critical to their success at your company. What complicates matters even further is if you’re in need of specific industry knowledge. Building Automation Systems (BAS) industry executive hiring … Continued