2020 M&A Activity

During difficult economic times, many businesses circle the wagons and take a conservative approach until the economy recovers. Other companies take the opposite approach and use the downturn to make opportunistic decisions that provide superior value during a bear market. As we reached the half-way point of the year, it’s fair to say we’ve never … Continued

Private Equity Trends and Compensation

The private equity market is doing very well based on 2018 deal activity. There were more than 4,800 deals closed, which is a record number. And the total value of the deals is estimated at more than $700 billion, which is the second-highest level on record. While fundraising was down, a number of indicators highlight … Continued

Startup Hiring Mistakes

Startups are appealing to many people for many reasons, not the least of which is to be an early hire at the next Stitch Fix, Roku, or Okta. If you ask any investor, a startup’s team is the most critical element to its success. Thus, hiring is one of the most important activities a founder … Continued

Private Equity Evolution

The private equity market has seen solid growth and good returns for the past two decades. While some believe there is still room to grow, critics are concerned. According to Pitchbook, in 2017 average deal multiples were 12.5 times multiples. This is the highest it’s ever been, and the previous high levels were just prior … Continued

Tips on Hiring a CEO

Hiring a CEO is something most of us don’t do very often. If we are doing it a lot, things are going poorly. That is unless you’re part of a private equity firm. When they invest in a company, they often hire a new CEO. According to Alix Partners, 58% of CEO’s are replaced within … Continued