Top 5 Soft Skills For Leaders

Every executive has no doubt heard the term ‘soft skills’ quite a bit lately. Just look at Google Trends for the term, and you’ll see that in the past year and a half, the search volume for the term has quadrupled from 2013. What has made soft skills top of mind? And what are the … Continued

Building Digital Skills For Executives

With the speed of digital transformation, companies are struggling to maintain a competitive advantage. Customer expectations are changing and business models are changing, and hiring the right executives or retraining existing executives is easier said than done.  A recent Heidrick & Struggles report looks at ways of building digital skills for executives. As executives look … Continued

Should You Convince a Key Employee to Stay?

A key employees has come to you to let you know they have been offered a role at another company. Or perhaps they are letting you know that they are starting to look for a new position. Either way, you have a decision to make, should you convince a key employee to stay. A contributing … Continued

Executive Lateral Thinking

We know that executives are required to have a broad base of business knowledge. From financial matters to sales and marketing to operations. Additionally, their ability to demonstrate soft skills such as communication, flexibility, conflict resolution, problem solving, and positive attitude among others is paramount to success. A term that has increasingly come to be … Continued

Create Effective Intercommunication

Do you see communication issues in your company that are potentially impacting the business? Perhaps between sales and marketing, or product and engineering? Getting everyone to align in support of the company and not their personal or departmental needs is how you build sustainable growth. But reminding everyone they are on the same team is … Continued

Using an Executive Coach

The idea of using an executive coach can be foreign to new organizational leaders. Yet as with elite athletes and entertainers, the use of coaches for professional leaders has become more common. To excel and take your already strong skill set to another level, you need an outside perspective that understands your style and can … Continued

STEM is Key to the Future of Executive Leadership

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) has been a hot topic the last few years, and with good reason. Technology has altered the workplace and redefined the skills required for leaders in the future. When looking at long term succession planning, STEM is key to the future of executive leadership. Beyond the four core disciplines, … Continued

Create High Performing Teams

Everyone likes to think they are part of a high performing team, and if they aren’t it’s certainly not their fault. Unfortunately for all of us, there is not one right way to ensure your team his high performing…or is there? What does it take to create a high performing team? To find out, Google … Continued