Virtual Brainstorming

Working remotely has been an adjustment for everyone. And while collaboration tools like chat and video conferencing have made meeting with teammates, partners, and customers almost like being in the office, one area that hasn’t been discussed very much is virtual brainstorming and how it is imperative for companies right now.  Solving complex problems before … Continued

Resilient Leadership

As 2020 is shaping up to be the year of uncertainty for businesses, it is also proving to be a testing ground for organizational leadership. Executives around the globe are dealing with issues they never imagined. Without a playbook on how to successfully navigate the situation, they need to rely on their soft skills more … Continued

Workplace and Employee Flexibility

Once the entire country eliminates stay-at-home orders, businesses will be looking to bring people back to the office, as they seek to get back to business as usual. However, the pandemic accelerated one of the key issues the centennials and even millennials have been pushing for, and that is to focus on employee’s life, beyond … Continued

PTO Policies Post Covid-19

With everything going on around the world, one area that may have been forgotten during the pandemic is vacation and PTO policies. As stay at home orders extended to months and not weeks, many people cancelled their spring and summer vacation plans. Either because they were laid off or furloughed, or because of the uncertainty … Continued

Data Analytics Are Reshaping Culture Measurement

If you’ve attempted to measure your company culture, you know it can be a bit like herding cats. You can send out surveys to collect feedback, but the results rarely reflect the actual culture. However, new methods of data analysis are reshaping the way culture is measured. A recent article from Harvard Business Review (HBR) … Continued

Preparing Teams For A New Normal

As governments begin to loosen restrictions on social distancing and gathering in groups, organizations are now faced with getting back to a new business as usual.  Leadership must determine how they plan to re-open offices. Do certain teams need to come back before others? Does the office layout need to be adjusted? Are some employees … Continued

Emerging From The Pandemic

As we begin to see some light at the end of the tunnel, it’s time to take stock of the new behaviors, processes, and structures we’ve put in place to remain productive during a time of remote working and decentralization. We may have been forced into these changes, and to be sure, not all of … Continued

Reopening Your Office Safely

Heightened safety measures are on everyone’s mind these days. Behaviors we took for granted for most of our lives are now being scrutinized. As offices are beginning to reopen around the world, employee expectations have changed and leaders are working to understand what is required in reopening offices safely. Opening offices safely requires everyone adhere … Continued

Is Now The Time for the Chief Well-being Officer

With most employee’s increase in worry and stress, as well as rising loneliness and boredom, an organization’s role in sustaining and promoting well-being is more important than ever. The five elements of well-being include purpose, social, financial, community and physical. More than half of workers cite poor work-life balance and almost 40% believe they cannot achieve … Continued

CEOs Need Strong Executive Teams

For all the responsibilities CEOs carry, their most important asset is the team they put around them, and you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of the executive team. With the level of change today from constant technology advancements to changing workplace expectations, no single person, no matter how talented you may be, can handle business transformation … Continued