Choosing an Executive Search Partner

As you know, finding the right executive search partner can make the difference in finding the right candidates and growing your business or falling behind your competitors due to bad hires and lost time. Hiring at the executive level always carries a level of risk. There is no surefire way to know that the candidate … Continued

How Executive Search Firms Find Candidates

Many employees are contacted by contingency recruiters at some point in their career. LinkedIn has made the process even easier. And in today’s job market, recruiters are fighting for the same candidates, meaning those candidates may be getting bombarded with requests. Understandably, this is flattering at first, but then candidates start to figure out that … Continued

Becoming An Executive Recruiter

Whether your a recruiter at a contingency firm, an HR professional who’s looking to make a change, or a salesperson with an extensive network of industry contacts, becoming a retained executive recruiter is a great career option, but it’s also a lot of work to be successful. According to Executive Recruiter Insider, “To become a … Continued

Toughest Aspects of Executive Recruiting

Recruiting, like any other industry, has its difficulties. And depending on who you ask you will likely get a different answer. Fortunately, the toughest aspects of executive recruiting tend to fall into a few categories. The following three areas encapsulate the majority of difficulties cited by executive recruiters. Sourcing Approach One of the toughest aspects … Continued

Cost Effective Executive Hiring

We have written about the cost of making a bad hire previously. But what does cost effective executive hiring look like? It’s not as cut and dry as most companies think. In fact, when looking at all of the numbers associated with hiring executives, companies can underestimate the total cost by half. The primary cost … Continued

What is a Retained Recruiter?

A retained recruiter primarily focuses on executive level searches at the VP, C-suite, and Board level. Though an executive recruiter can also be retained to find those hard to fill roles in middle management. Therefore, a retained search firm will work very closely with companies that have openings based on key criteria and criticality of … Continued

What Should I Expect from an Executive Recruiter

As with your business, executive recruiting firms are facing changes to their business. Technology does not discriminate and the impact of innovation affects everyone. The question becomes, how are you embracing the changes? If you’re adaptable and ready to adopt new practices, you will thrive in the new environment. So what should you expect from … Continued

Should I use LinkedIn for Recruiting

As a retained executive search firm, we are often asked if LinkedIn is a viable recruiting tool for executive level openings. The answer, as it is with most questions, is that it depends. LinkedIn is a very useful social platform and provides tremendous value when looking for a new position, staying in touch with your … Continued

Higher Education Executive Hiring

We all know technology is affecting every industry. But perhaps none more so than higher education. The necessity of a four year degree is being seriously challenged. There is a growing sentiment that you can earn six figures without going to college. It’s time to start thinking differently about higher education executive hiring. In a … Continued

Why Use an Executive Search Firm?

If you’re considering whether or not you should use an executive search firm, there are a number of reasons why it makes sense from an efficiency and revenue standpoint. Executive recruiters are extensions of your leadership team. They are focused on your needs, are experts in finding and recruiting top talent, and provide best practice … Continued