What is a Retained Recruiter?

A retained recruiter primarily focuses on executive level searches at the VP, C-suite, and Board level. Though an executive recruiter can also be retained to find those hard to fill roles in middle management. Therefore, a retained search firm will work very closely with companies that have openings based on key criteria and criticality of … Continued

What Should I Expect from an Executive Recruiter

As with your business, executive recruiting firms are facing changes to their business. Technology does not discriminate and the impact of innovation affects everyone. The question becomes, how are you embracing the changes? If you’re adaptable and ready to adopt new practices, you will thrive in the new environment. So what should you expect from … Continued

Should I use LinkedIn for Recruiting

As a retained executive search firm, we are often asked if LinkedIn is a viable recruiting tool for executive level openings. The answer, as it is with most questions, is that it depends. LinkedIn is a very useful social platform and provides tremendous value when looking for a new position, staying in touch with your … Continued

Higher Education Executive Hiring

We all know technology is affecting every industry. But perhaps none more so than higher education. The necessity of a four year degree is being seriously challenged. There is a growing sentiment that you can earn six figures without going to college. It’s time to start thinking differently about higher education executive hiring. In a … Continued

Why Use an Executive Search Firm?

If you’re considering whether or not you should use an executive search firm, there are a number of reasons why it makes sense from an efficiency and revenue standpoint. Executive recruiters are extensions of your leadership team. They are focused on your needs, are experts in finding and recruiting top talent, and provide best practice … Continued

What Executive Recruiters Do

Executive recruiters work with companies to identify, screen, and present candidates for executive level openings. They typically work on VP, C-suite, and Board level roles. Executive recruiters are most often retained by the company they work for, but can work on a contingency basis. Executive recruiters work for the companies they conduct searches for. These … Continued

How Executive Search Firms Work

Executive or retained search firms work with companies that are in need of executive level talent. They typically focus at the VP, C-suite, and Board level. Retained recruiters are also better able to reach passive candidates. Thus improving the chances of finding a perfect fit for the opening. These searches are often kept private to … Continued

Hiring a Friend for an Executive Opening

There is an opening on your executive leadership team and you are thinking of a friend for the position. As you are no doubt aware, there are precautions you’ll want to take when hiring a friend for such a position. There are pros and cons to asking a friend to work with you at your … Continued

Do I Need a Local Executive Search Firm?

As you consider filling an executive level opening, you may be wondering whether or not you need a local executive search firm. There are benefits of working with a local firm. But the real question you need to consider is not if you need a local search firm, it’s the process the firm uses. One … Continued

Executive Search Fees

One of the first thoughts most executives have when engaging a retained executive search firm is, “how much is this going to cost?” While retained executive search fees tend to cost more than contingency fees, or even managing the search in-house, the return on your investment far outweighs the increase in spend. When considering a … Continued