About Sheer Velocity

A Retained Executive Search Firm with International Reach

Sheer Velocity is a boutique retained executive search firm headquartered in Denver, Colorado with additional offices in Seattle, Chicago, St. Louis, Boulder, San Francisco, and Scottsdale. We also partner with INAC, an association of globally retained search firms in over 30 countries, for international clients needs. We specialize in finding the right fit for our clients corporate DNA mapping, personality assessments, and onboarding processes.

Our Recruiting Philosophy

Every hiring decision puts your company’s profitability on the line. Hiring mistakes are costly and rehiring only compounds those financial blows. Integrating the wrong candidate into your organization also wastes other precious resources: time, energy, and morale. At Sheer Velocity, our executive recruiters operate efficiently and transparently to maximize returns on your human capital investment. We will never cut corners on diligence simply to force a placement, and our guaranteed transparency means that you will always know exactly where you stand in the search process.

We also understand that speed is integral in signing top talent, so you can count on us for swift results. And we remain lean by design, to assure you a straight-forward fee structure with no hidden expenses. With Sheer Velocity, you will receive the benefits of agility without limitations, and unmatched expertise to extend your reach.

We pride ourselves on the fact that most of our client relationships are long-term. We earn your loyalty by being consistently effective, energetically responsive to your needs, and tenaciously committed to your ongoing success. Our experienced consultants work closely with you to bring your strategic talent and governance needs into sharp focus, then help you craft and successfully execute thoughtfully focused action plans.

Our Executive Search Process

We’re more than simply headhunters; we work closely with you to find candidates who will fit in with your culture for maximum retention and ROI.

Our Practice Areas

We work with leaders across nine essential practice areas ranging from startups, private equity backed companies, to large publicly traded companies.

Man Jumping Over Chasm - Sheer Velocity Retained Executive Search

Our Team

Sheer Velocity’s consultants have owned boutique retained executive search firms and served at the highest levels inside industry-leading top executive search firms. What’s more, we’ve worked on the other side of the curtain, at entrepreneurial start-ups and large corporations.

Matching proven performers with critical roles inside our own organizations has galvanized our respect for the challenges you face hiring professionals. Sheer Velocity puts this valuable perspective to work on your behalf.

We proudly encourage our team members to give back to the communities that support us by volunteering at nonprofit organizations that feed their individual passions.

Jon Gordon

Managing Partner
Jon Gordon - Sheer Velocity Managing Partner, Denver, Colorado

Jon E. Gordon serves as Sheer Velocity’s Managing Partner and Co-Founder.


Debra J. Young

Managing Partner
Debra J. Young - Sheer Velocity Managing Partner, Denver, Colorado

Debra J. Young, PHR, is Sheer Velocity’s Managing Partner and Co-Founder.


David Quigley

Managing Director - Denver, Colorado
David Quigley - Sheer Velocity Managing Director, Denver, Colorado

David Quigley serves as Managing Director in our Denver, Colorado office.


Todd Cowles

Managing Director
Todd Cowles - Sheer Velocity Managing Director, Seattle

Todd Cowles serves as the Managing Director in Sheer Velocity’s Seattle office.


Bobbi Pike

Bobbi Pike - Sheer Velocity Partner, Denver, Colorado

Bobbi Pike serves as Partner in Sheer Velocity’s office in
Denver, Colorado.


Angie Engel

Managing Director
Angie Engel - Sheer Velocity Partner, Chicago

Angie Engel serves as Managing Director in Sheer Velocity’s office in Chicago, Illinois.


Kirsten Parus

Director of Strategic Accounts
Kristen Parus - Sheer Velocity Director of Strategic Accounts, Denver, Colorado

Kirsten Parus serves as the Director of Strategic Accounts in our Denver office.


Bill Petry

Executive Vice President
Bill Petry - Sheer Velocity Executive Vice President, St. Louis

Bill Petry serves as Sheer Velocity’s Executive Vice President in our St. Louis Office.


Michael Burroughs

Practice Leader
Michael Burroughs - Sheer Velocity Practice Leader of Executive Integration

Michael Burroughs serves as the Practice Leader of Sheer Velocity’s Executive Integration offering.


Larry H. Munson

Larry H. Munson - Sheer Velocity Advisor, San Francisco

Larry Munson serves as an Advisor to Sheer Velocity and is based in San Francisco.