Can AI Replace my Executive Recruiter?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to stay. It’s impact is being felt by every industry…from manufacturing to healthcare to financial services to food and beverage. Recruiting has already seen AI introduced in a variety of areas including the writing of job descriptions, web scans to identify potential candidates, chat bots during the application process, just to name a few. This may help with entry level and mid-level roles, but can AI replace my executive recruiter?

In short, the answer is no. And the reason is simple, we’re dealing with real people. And don’t you enjoy the irony in using AI to find actual human beings. To draw a comparison, the automotive industry added 50,000 robots between 2010 and 2016. During that same time period, the industry also added 250,000 jobs.

As you look at the types of AI applications, most deal with public searches and the process associated with people responding to a job listing, in effect they are reactive in nature. AI is very helpful in these areas. They can formalize the interview structure, better correlate assessment results, and speed the process along.

The majority of executive searches are never public and the candidates are passive in their search. Most of the top candidates prefer to work through retained executive recruiters due to their discretion, knowledge of the candidate’s preferences for their next career move, and the ability to discern key cultural elements required for a current opening. These are elements that AI will never be able to replicate.

A decade ago, the buzz was focused on how LinkedIn would replace recruiters. We know how that turned out, the industry is stronger than ever. Just as LinkedIn had a positive impact a decade ago, AI is improving executive search today. The efficiencies gained by executive recruiters from AI translates into more time spent developing relationships with clients and candidates.

Executive recruiters true value is in their ability to create trust, confidence, and empathy with their clients and candidates. Understanding the human to human (H2H) aspect is what enables them to find just the right candidate at just the right time for your specific needs. Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends notes, “Talent acquisition is now the third-most-important challenge companies face, with 81 percent of respondents calling it important or very important”.

As Ali Nawab, founder and CEO of AI firm kiwi. ai notes: “Executive placement is a tough game. Cognitive, accomplished, ambitious executives have minds of their own. The search consultant needs to be a coach, friend, analyst, financial advisor and strategy consultant all in one. Deep learning (ie. AI) will absorb the majority of the administrative and support activities, leaving the best consultants to win based on their core capabilities.”

Executive recruiters are more valuable than ever, and with AI tools they are able to deliver more value to you on every search. To see how we at Sheer Velocity can help, send us note. We’ll get back to you in person, no chatbots.