We identify and attract talented professionals who drive financial results.

The right candidate will possess the ideal mix of hard skills (technical) and soft skills (cultural). Our proven method assesses both, to find your perfect fit.

Our vetting process is geared toward isolating proven performers with impeccable track records. We don’t focus on expectations; we look for accomplishments. Our investigation will uncover the hard numbers that communicate a candidate’s achievements, and their impact on the bottom line. And we’ll assess how these historical “wins” correlate with the demands of the seat you’re attempting to fill.

Weeks 1 – 2:

  • Kick-off meeting to clarify the job description, and specific goals for the first year on the job.
  • Conduct our Corporate Culture DNA Assessment.
  • Presentation of a targeted company/candidate list, and collection of client feedback.
  • Initiate intensive campaigns to attract interested and qualified candidates.

Weeks 3 – 4:

  • Ongoing sourcing of candidates.
  • Candidate interviews, verification of technical skills, and assessment of cultural fit.
  • Preparation of candidate summaries to accompany traditional resumes.
  • Deliver slate of top candidates for client review and feedback.

Culturally, we look at how your company motivates and incentivizes its people and compare that to what type of motivation the candidate responds to. We look at the type of environments in which the candidate has thrived, so we can assure a solid match between the two.

Weeks 5 – 6:

  • Ongoing sourcing of candidates.
  • Schedule candidate interviews at client’s request.
  • Formally assess client’s top-choice candidates for personal, behavioral, and cultural fit.
  • Extend verbal offer.

Weeks 7 – 8:

  • Prepare and negotiate Offer Letter, as needed.
  • Conduct reference and background checks at client’s request.

Week 9 – 10:

  • Initiate pre-boarding process, concurrent with new hire’s required exit notification period with previous employer.

Sheer Velocity will remain in close contact with your new hire, including obtaining formal feedback at 60 and 90 days. You can count on us to confirm initial performance targets are being met and to corroborate cultural fit, to guarantee the greatest possible success and longevity for your executives.

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