Our Approach to Private Equity Recruitment & Advisory Services

Our innovative approach creatively identifies portfolio executives with relevant domain knowledge to support our Private Equity clients’ investment thesis from concept to execution. Through close collaboration, diligence, and a sense of urgency, we serve as true partners in your success. 

As a professional service retained search firm specializing in building Private Equity teams, we engage and have good relationships with C-suite executives who are well-versed in Private Equity investments. 

Our Private Equity search consultants understand the requisite skill sets essential for executives to operate effectively within the Private Equity ecosystem. Strong and creative leadership is paramount for the health and success of our client’s portfolio companies to create and drive value for their limited partners.  

But before portfolio companies are created and returns are realized, there is deal sourcing, due diligence, discovery, and closing on targeted companies. Across the Private Equity landscape, we have gathered market intelligence that has benefited our clients, enhancing deal flow and allowing unprecedented access to proven executives from public and private equity-backed companies. This expertise and guidance can provide invaluable insights throughout the entire life cycle of your investment, ensuring strategic and informed decision-making at every stage.  

Our Private Equity clients consistently seek CxOs with a blend of creative thinking, multifunctional operational expertise, financial numeracy in revenues and margin expansions, and an evolved EQ. Drawing from our extensive experience collaborating with these highly sought-after leaders, our private equity recruiters can identify individuals who will be the right fit to partner with you. 

We have a pool of thought leaders and deep domain experts across all industry sectors. Collaborating with your investment committee and portfolio operations members, we offer access to industry advisors poised to enhance value throughout your investment lifecycle. Whether in market segmentation, due diligence, sourcing, or acquisition, our strategic approach facilitates the creation of a reinvigorated leadership team post-portfolio company acquisition, expediting the realization of your investments and unlocking the potential of generating a greater return to your LPs. 

From ideation through a closed transaction, our retained private equity consultants provide our clients access to individuals familiar with your business model who can become your independent board advisors or your next portfolio company executives.  

Strong operational leaders are vital in navigating swiftly changing market conditions to foster growth and innovation.

Competing on a global scale is becoming more and more a part of each company’s growth strategies. 

With our presence in over 30 countries around the world, with our international executive recruiters, you can draw on our depth, expertise and reach to local candidates.

Part of our search process includes utilizing Hogan Assessments to help identify leaders with the acumen and aptitude to motivate and galvanize their teams toward further building out your investment strategy.

The cohesiveness of your team is critical for your company’s success for any strategy to move forward seamlessly. Understanding what drives a candidate’s behavior and distinguishing themselves from each other is vital during your selection process, because you cannot settle for a potential fit. It must be a precise, exact fit because the wrong fit will ultimately keep you from reaching your goals and objectives.

There is no shortage of opportunities for innovative and seasoned professionals within the Private Equity sector, which is why you need an executive-retained search firm like Sheer Velocity working on your behalf to deliver candidates and advisors who will help you grow your returns by increasing bottom-line results.

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