3 Top HR Trends for 2020

We know that the workforce of the future will be different. We’re already experiencing dramatic changes in the composition of workers. Baby boomers are retiring in record numbers, and beyond millennials, we’re seeing generation z enter the workforce. As we move towards the majority of workers being digital natives, these tech savvy employees have different … Continued

Top 5 Soft Skills For Leaders

Every executive has no doubt heard the term ‘soft skills’ quite a bit lately. Just look at Google Trends for the term, and you’ll see that in the past year and a half, the search volume for the term has quadrupled from 2013. What has made soft skills top of mind? And what are the … Continued

The Best Six (6) Books Every New Manager Should Read

As a new manager there is a lot to digest. You are taking on new responsibilities and challenges that you haven’t faced before. You might be managing people for the first time in your career or you’re now accountable for a P&L. No matter the situation, there is a lot to learn. The following are … Continued

Customer Centric Leadership

Putting the customer first is easier said than done. Customer centric leadership is a wonderful concept, but does it work in practice? The answer is yes, assuming you adopt the process across the entire organization and execute well. According to recent Gallup research, when you are able to build emotional bonds with customers, you can … Continued

Are CEOs Unfit for Future Demands

According to a new report by Korn Ferry, The Self Disruptive Leader, the investment community is bearish on today’s leadership. Two thirds believe that private sector CEOs are “unfit” for future demands. The number is even higher in the United States, at 70%.   According to Dennis Baltzley, Korn Ferry’s global solution leader for leadership … Continued

Top 6 Customer Experience Blogs

Focusing on Customer Experience (CX) has become a key growth driver for companies. If you’re not familiar with the term, it refers to a consumer’s view of their interactions with your company. From the first time they see you in a Google search to their calls or emails to support. Viewing their experiences in a … Continued

CMO Insights 2019

It comes as no surprise that CMOs are concerned with growth. Two-thirds of those surveyed in Deloitte’s Spring 2019 CMO Survey ranked it as their number one challenge, with more than a third ranking it as their top challenge. Interestingly, concern with growth was consistent across the board, regardless of size, industry, or sector. Below … Continued

Business Trends For The Rest Of 2019

As we embark on the back half of the year, sentiment about the business landscape remains uneven. The signs of an economic slowdown continue, affecting both investors and consumers. And there is no reason to expect the roller coaster ride to end anytime soon. According to Korn Ferry, below are a few business trends for … Continued

The Other CEO – Chief Engagement Officer

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Shakespeare’s line from Romeo and Juliet rings true today in the C-suite. As new titles are created, responsibilities continue to be the same. One of those titles is often referred to as the other CEO – Chief … Continued

Create Organic Growth

Organic growth is a key driver of every company’s long term plan. But there is evidence that not enough businesses are effective at finding and implementing strategies to create organic growth. In the most recent McKinsey Global Survey, this topic is addressed.  They identified three dimensions, “Companies can Invest, or identify pockets of growth and … Continued