Aligning Stand-out Contributors with Outstanding Companies.

Our firm focuses on executive and high-potential placements for your organization, whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a smaller business. We will partner with you to identify, attract and retain exceptional talent who will boost your growth – and profits. Our practice areas include:

Private Equity and Venture Capital Recruiting Services

Coffee on Desk - Private Equity Recruiting, Denver, Colorado - Sheer Velocity

Sheer Velocity specializes in private equity executive search, and our recruiters also have expertise in recruiting for venture capital companies.

Industrial and Manufacturing Recruiting Services

Industrial and Manufacturing Recruiting Services - Sheer Velocity, Denver, Colorado

As growth markets shift in nearly every industrial sector, companies must recognize and adapt quickly. Sheer Velocity understands how these dynamics are shaping the leadership needs of industrial companies like yours.

Technology, Media & Telecom Recruiting Services

IT Recruiting Companies - Denver, Colorado - Sheer Velocity

Convergence in this space has shaped the opportunities and challenges facing global technology companies.

Energy Recruiting Services

Energy Recruiting Services - Sheer Velocity Executive Staffing

Our clients include Oil & Gas, Power Generation, and Renewable Energy firms, ranging from billion-dollar corporations to venture capital-backed startups.

Healthcare & Life Sciences Recruiting

Healthcare Executive Recruiters - Sheer Velocity Retained Search Firm

Clients rely on our search experience to identify candidates who effectively lead their teams across the various sectors of the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries.

Supply Chain, Logistics & Transportation

Supply Chain, Logistics and Transportation Executive Recruiting - Sheer Velocity

Our clients include a wide variety of firms ranging from multi-billion dollar corporations to private equity and venture capital-backed startups.

Nonprofit Executive Search Services

Nonprofit Executive Search Firm - Sheer Velocity

Today, the best and brightest candidates routinely choose leadership positions outside the corporate arena, and competition for those positions is fierce.

Consumer Goods & Services Recruiting

Consumer Goods and Services Executive Search Firm - Sheer Velocity

Sheer Velocity has recruited top talent to fill seats at every level in Consumer Durables & Packaged Goods, Retail, and Health & Beauty.

Professional Services Recruitment

Professional Services Recruitment - Sheer Velocity Executive Recruiters

Sheer Velocity provides you with access to highly skilled contributors across multiple service specialties.