The Energy space calls for leaders with deft management skills, international experience, and the ability to navigate politically charged situations with confidence.

The volatility in the energy sector from production to deregulation is causing disruption on a global scale from competitiveness in the marketplace to changing dynamics with international relations and security.

With global uncertainty over the path we take towards implementing a clear and sound energy policy, we believe that there will be no shortage in demand for energy in multiple forms from traditional energy sources to newer and cleaner technologies for years to come. As such, our energy recruiters recognize the need to identify leaders who are strategically positioned to meet those challenges who can adapt to change and pivot when needed.

Our approach to Energy Recruiting

As an energy executive search firm, Sheer Velocity has conducted searches in the energy and utility industries across a wide sector. Sheer Velocity offers proven results, having identified leaders who meet these criteria across Energy’s multiple sub-sectors including: oil & gas exploration, midstream, and downstream; renewable energy firms in solar, wind, battery storage; power generation in the heat, recovery, steam, generation and waste heat boilers; producers and transporters of energy; and energy management solutions.

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At Sheer Velocity, no matter the size of your energy company, we place an emphasis on matching candidates with the culture of your organization.

Our energy recruiters will work with you to hone in on not only the skill-sets you seek from your new hire, but also identifying the key cultural attributes of the person you are seeking to join your team.

Our clients range from venture capital-backed startups to private equity-backed companies all the way through multi-billion dollar corporations. We have conducted successful executive searches for emerging leadership roles up to C-suite positions.

No matter the role, our executive recruiters welcome the opportunity to learn more about your retained search needs. Contact us to get started.