Executive Leadership Styles

Successful executives are able to tap into a variety of approaches. Depending on the situation they are dealing with, they know what will motivate the team. The key is knowing how and when to use a specific approach. Executive leadership styles were the topic of a recent article in Inc. titled, These 7 Leadership Styles Allow Great Executives To Tackle Any Situation. The piece highlights how different approaches can enable executive teams to better handle adversity.

The seven styles include:

  • Directive
  • Supportive
  • Inquisitive
  • Encouraging
  • Empowering
  • Reflective
  • Visionary

Executives with a directive style focus on what needs to be accomplished. When time is limited, this style can keep everyone on track.

Executives who demonstrate a supportive style are like good politicians, they serve those they lead. This style provides teams with confidence and accountability.

Executives who are inquisitive will ask their team questions. They are looking for the team to develop critical thinking skills.

Executives that encourage are looking to build up their teams. When the team is on the right track but needs support to move forward.

Executives that are looking to empower their teams have established trust with them and provide them with a degree of freedom to operate on their own.

Executives who are reflective use it as motivation for the team to discover new ideas and approaches to their work on their own.

Executives with vision tend to have a dynamic presence. They motivate their teams with their ability to generate excitement towards a desired future state.

These are similar to commonly defined leadership styles including:

  • Servant – Supportive
  • Laissez-faire – Reflective, Inquisitive
  • Autocratic – Directive
  • Democratic – Empowering, Encouraging
  • Pacesetting – Visionary

By further refining the five styles of leadership, you can better define what leadership styles work with your organization. If you want to learn more about your executive teams leadership styles or want to diversify the approaches you’re using, send us a note. At Sheer Velocity we can help you create the right mix of leadership approaches that builds company culture and delivers improved results.