Is Now The Time for the Chief Well-being Officer

With most employee’s increase in worry and stress, as well as rising loneliness and boredom, an organization’s role in sustaining and promoting well-being is more important than ever. The five elements of well-being include purpose, social, financial, community and physical.

More than half of workers cite poor work-life balance and almost 40% believe they cannot achieve career success without negatively impacting their family life, and we’re getting less done because of it.1 As a result, more than a third of employees admit that they are productive for less than 30 hours per week.2 Couple disengagement and low productivity with poor health, more than half of Americans have a chronic condition and more than a quarter have two3, and it’s not hard to see why employees and employers alike are struggling.

The good news is that this trend is reversible. Successful organizations recognize that the key to employee productivity and engagement is rooted in employee health and well-being. Corporate wellness is no longer optional. A successful corporate well-being strategy embeds health and well-being into the DNA of their organization. Now is the time to be that leading organization that drives business results and real outcomes through well-being, one that invests in their people and gains a competitive advantage. With the new generation of millennial’s taking leadership roles, it is likely they will gravitate towards companies that truly care about their people. This is a business strategy that cannot be buried in human resources but rather it is about the employee experience which begins in the c-suite. It is about creating an organization that moves towards the Triple Bottom Line – profit, people, planet.

Well-being is a responsibility as your company guides and shapes our society. Now is the time more than ever before, to start your journey of well-being by adding a new c-suite executive into your c-suite – the chief well-being officer. Sheer Velocity is positioned to be able to recruit for this very much needed role, especially as we start the staged process of opening up businesses and returning people to work. How you do this coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic is critical to your brand and to your retention of key talent and your future ability to attract top talent.

Sheer Velocity’s combination of cutting-edge executive recruitment strategy and desire to be ahead of the curve sees the need and identifies the market for the chief well-being officer. We have identified what “DNA” this individual must have in order to be set up for success in this newly defined c-suite position and strive to be that go-to-recruiter to help companies find that key c-suite talent.

To learn more about the chief well-being officer, please also read this post that appeared in the Denver Business Journal that was written by one of our founders, Debra Young.

If you would like to explore this role in more detail with one of our executive recruiters, send us a note, and we will discuss with you how this could be a game changer for your organization going forward as we continue to navigate the waters of COVID-19.

“Take care of your employees. They’ll take care of your business.” Sir Richard Branson, Founder Virgin Group

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