CEOs are Taking Charge of Digital Transformation

By the year 2020, executives anticipate that half of their revenues are expected to come from digital channels. So it’s no surprise that CEOs are taking charge of digital transformation. Looking even further out, the World Economic Forum predicts that digital transformation will create more than $100 trillion in economic value by the year 2025. … Continued

Toughest Aspects of Executive Recruiting

Recruiting, like any other industry, has its difficulties. And depending on who you ask you will likely get a different answer. Fortunately, the toughest aspects of executive recruiting tend to fall into a few categories. The following three areas encapsulate the majority of difficulties cited by executive recruiters. Sourcing Approach One of the toughest aspects … Continued

Create Effective Intercommunication

Do you see communication issues in your company that are potentially impacting the business? Perhaps between sales and marketing, or product and engineering? Getting everyone to align in support of the company and not their personal or departmental needs is how you build sustainable growth. But reminding everyone they are on the same team is … Continued

Using an Executive Coach

The idea of using an executive coach can be foreign to new organizational leaders. Yet as with elite athletes and entertainers, the use of coaches for professional leaders has become more common. To excel and take your already strong skill set to another level, you need an outside perspective that understands your style and can … Continued

Executive Understanding of Cloud Migration

If asked about “moving to the cloud”, most CEOs and boards will tell you they are. After all, you can improve your computing speed, scale up or down on demand, and reduce capital expenses. But the truth is, it’s not as easy as it sounds and you need to understand the true complexity of cloud … Continued

STEM is Key to the Future of Executive Leadership

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) has been a hot topic the last few years, and with good reason. Technology has altered the workplace and redefined the skills required for leaders in the future. When looking at long term succession planning, STEM is key to the future of executive leadership. Beyond the four core disciplines, … Continued

Do Companies Really Keep My Resume On File

As executive recruiters we sometimes hear candidates ask, “Do companies really keep my resume on file?” We understand, if a candidate doesn’t get an offer, they are disappointed. This is especially true if they were excited about the company. The answer to the question is, it depends. It has become common for companies to use … Continued

The Future of Job Automation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have reignited the conversation around job loss due to automation. While many of these articles offer little insight beyond clickbait headlines, the truth is no one is sure how AI, ML, and other new technologies will affect overall employment. Even the experts can’t agree. Harvard Business Review (HBR) … Continued

Startup Hiring Mistakes

Startups are appealing to many people for many reasons, not the least of which is to be an early hire at the next Stitch Fix, Roku, or Okta. If you ask any investor, a startup’s team is the most critical element to its success. Thus, hiring is one of the most important activities a founder … Continued

Finding the Right CEO

CEO transitions are becoming more common. Per a recent study, the median tenure of large cap company CEOs is down to just five years. Replacing a CEO requires time and planning from the board and executive team. And finding the right CEO can mean the difference between sustained growth and stagnation. Harvard Business Review (HBR) … Continued