How Executive Search Firms Find Candidates

Many employees are contacted by contingency recruiters at some point in their career. LinkedIn has made the process even easier. And in today’s job market, recruiters are fighting for the same candidates, meaning those candidates may be getting bombarded with requests. Understandably, this is flattering at first, but then candidates start to figure out that … Continued

Managing A Remote Workforce

Remote working has been on the rise for the better part of a decade. Some companies have embraced it, while others have scaled back their remote working policies. That was until last month when virtually the entire country moved to a remote working arrangement leaving executives to figure out what’s required when managing a remote … Continued

Is Your CMO Customer Focused? (Hint: They Better Be)

It’s no surprise to hear that marketing is changing. Many of the channels that are used today didn’t exist a decade ago. The days of Madison Avenue creating and defining brands is a distant memory. Today’s CMO needs to focus on their customers. Not just say they focus on their customers, but actually change their … Continued

Female CEOs Generate More Gross Profit

We’ve seen the reports that tout the benefits of diversity. Two recent studies have further demonstrated the impact female executives have on the success of an organization. Female CEOs generate more gross profit and are better at developing strategy, a key leadership attribute.  A new study from S&P Global Market Intelligence, has shown that companies … Continued

Leading During Uncertainty

What we are experiencing right now is unlike anything we’ve ever faced before. A pandemic that requires offices to close and a near fully remote workforce was unthinkable, even earlier this year. However, that is where we find ourselves. Working through natural disasters, pandemics, terrorist attacks, wartime, and other unexpected events is stressful for everyone. … Continued

Meet the new C-suite leader: The chief well-being officer

Companies today face an ever-changing business climate and growing competition from all over the world. With that comes increasing pressure to accommodate and counter those challenges. The lines between work and life have become blurred. Companies are only as productive as their people — and their people are coping with strenuous demands. Hence the need … Continued

Top 9 Human Resources Blogs to Follow (plus a bonus blog)

Human Resources (HR) is evolving faster than ever. And for those of you in HR, keeping up with the latest trends, on top of your job responsibilities, is getting harder and harder. As an executive search firm handling a wide variety of executive roles across industries, we feel the pain of staying current too. So … Continued

Are Open Offices Effective?

As an executive, the odds are you have an office. Then again, if you’re at a start-up or a company that has embraced open offices, you may not have an office, but you probably have a prime spot that is in the corner. Over the past couple of years a lot has been written about … Continued

Business Impact of the Coronavirus

The business impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is changing daily. From executive stay-at-home mandates, to distribution center and manufacturing facility shutdowns, to improving situations in countries that saw an earlier outbreak than the United States. Keeping on top of a complex situation is simply not possible. Filtering through the hyperbole to find the facts and … Continued

Executive Hiring During Coronavirus

The importance of hiring executives typically insulates those roles from the ups and downs of economic swings. However, with the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic and related measures to slow the spread of the virus, we are seeing a slow down of hiring in certain industries as companies are instituting remote work policies and eliminating non-essential travel.  … Continued