Energy Industry Leadership

As one of the most regulated industries in the world, the energy industry is affected by tariffs, tax credits, incentive values, competitive production policies, and increasingly, load-side technologies. Energy industry leadership requires new skills and new solutions. Clean energy alternatives are becoming mainstream, regulatory policies are unclear, and technology is the driving force for both … Continued

C-Suite Skills of the Future

The skills required of executives to successfully compete are changing faster than ever before. Not only has technology affected every department and how they operate, but the role of business’ in society is evolving as well. The C-suite skills of the future are highlighted in Deloitte’s 2018 Global Human Capital Trends report, The Rise of … Continued

Properly Onboarding Executives

Hiring a new executive is a time consuming process. Their impact on an organization is significant both from a financial and cultural point of view. So you do everything you can during the hiring process to ensure you hire the right person, from reference checks and assessments to meeting with other team members and role … Continued

Executive Team Diversity

We recently highlighted a study on what is required for women of color to advance to the executive suite. We referenced a study by McKinsey and Company, Delivering on Diversity. We wanted to dig a little deeper into that study to determine what it takes for executive team diversity. The study is the second on … Continued

How can I Keep Top Talent

We are experiencing low unemployment rates and a talent shortage for key roles that will contribute to company growth. As the talent wars continue, it becomes more important than ever to keep top talent. A recent article from Harvard Business Review (HBR) titled, Why People Really Quit Their Jobs, looks at Facebook’s analysis of turnover … Continued

What Should I Expect from an Executive Recruiter

As with your business, executive recruiting firms are facing changes to their business. Technology does not discriminate and the impact of innovation affects everyone. The question becomes, how are you embracing the changes? If you’re adaptable and ready to adopt new practices, you will thrive in the new environment. So what should you expect from … Continued

Executive Search Outlook

Recently the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC) released their 2018 Executive Career Outlook Report. With recent fiscal policies and economic indicators, they are bullish on their executive search outlook, with more than half (54%) of respondents optimistic and only 13% pessimistic for the coming year. According to the report, “Executives cite an … Continued

Should I use LinkedIn for Recruiting

As a retained executive search firm, we are often asked if LinkedIn is a viable recruiting tool for executive level openings. The answer, as it is with most questions, is that it depends. LinkedIn is a very useful social platform and provides tremendous value when looking for a new position, staying in touch with your … Continued

Professional Services Executive Recruiting

Professional services firms are unique to other industries. The industry is incredibly diverse, including lawyers, architects, accountants, consultants, advertising agencies, engineers, and financial advisors to name a few. It also provides an intangible product in the form of knowledge, skills, and expertise. People are your number one asset. Because of the unique nature of the … Continued

Are you Creating a Toxic Culture?

As a member of the executive team, you have influence. It could be over the entire organization or over a department, but the fact of the matter is your influence matters to everyone at the company as they watch and sometimes emulate the behavior they see at the top. If you and your team are … Continued