Should I Accept the Counteroffer?

As executive recruiters, our goal is to find the candidate that best matches the needs of an organization. It’s a process we don’t take lightly. Each role is critical to the success of the company, and each candidate is highly regarded in their field based on their past contributions to their employer’s success, which would be indicative of their future success in the next step in their career. So, it’s not surprising when candidates receive a counteroffer from their current employer. On more than one occasion, we’ve been asked, “should I accept the counteroffer”.

As you can imagine, no two situations are identical, and we work through the candidate’s rationale when presented with the choice. However, a recent article by Karen Gilchrist hits the nail on the head if you’ve been presented with a counteroffer and wondering what you should do.

She highlights a number of key points to consider, and though you may feel you’re in the driver’s seat, that is not the case, “once you’ve expressed your desire to move on, going back on that decision could be one of the worst moves of your career….”

The real problem with accepting a counteroffer is that of trust. The company now knows you were looking and they were unprepared to replace you. The counteroffer is more often than not a short-term solution for your employer. They now have the time to begin the process of planning for a future with or without you. According to Career Profiles, 89% of people who accept counteroffers have left the company within six months.

Our advice, make sure you understand the reason you’re considering a move in the first place. Is a counteroffer going to fix what’s wrong? If not, once you embark on a search, don’t look back.

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