Top 9 Blogs Every CEO Should Read

One of the easiest ways to stay up to date on what’s happening in the world of business is to select a few blogs to follow. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, there are hundreds of blogs out there to choose from. We looked at more than a hundred of the top leadership blogs and narrowed it down to our top 9 blogs every CEO should read.

  1. Occam’s Razor – We live in an increasingly complex world where we complicate things too much in trying to understand events, activities, or happenings. Yet in almost every case the reason for suboptimal outcomes is the complexity that we insert into the analysis from our thinking, assumptions, or hypotheses. Often we need to simplify our thinking, the simpler the explanation the more likely it is better than a complex one.
  2. Guy Kawasaki – How to Change the World. A practical blog for impractical people. Guy’s blog has been on must read lists for more than 10 years. Formerly an advisor to the Motorola business unit of Google and chief evangelist of Apple, Guy is the author of a dozen books and has an enviable following on social media. He shares his experience in an authentic relatable way.
  3. Financial Policy Council (FPC) – The blog tends to post one a month, with each post covering an important topic. The posts are accessible with sources linked at the bottom for those looking for more information. The FPC pursues their mission by performing timely and accurate research on key policy issues.
  4. The Table Group – With a practical, non-touchy feely approach, the Table Group is all about organizational health, with the hope it will become a practical standard for any company that wants to achieve a competitive advantage and maximize its success.
  5. Naomi Simson – Founding director at Red Balloon, Naomi has been blogging since 2006. She covers entrepreneurship, business leadership, business advice, and workplace culture. Her writing style is real world and she comes across as genuine and authentic. She shares her insights, experience, and observations about business, innovation, and success.
  6. Reid Hoffman – As a co-founder of LinkedIn, Reid goes deeper than many in his blog with long form intellectual topics mixed in with his posts. The blog functions as a hub of his posts and essays covering entrepreneurship, Silicon Valley, civics, politics, and some philosophical topics.
  7. Gates Notes – From tech legend to philanthropist, Bill Gates is focused on making the world a better place. His blog covers topics that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation believe in. His writing is engaging and entertaining while also thought-provoking and insightful.
  8. Women 2.0 – The blog covers a range of topics including investing, fundraising, startups, technology, and politics. The site also launched Lane, a platform to connect female tech talent with recruiters and jobs at top firms including Blackrock, Twitter, Craigslist and others.
  9. Tom Glocer – Formerly the CEO at Thomson Reuters, Tom writes about business strategy, ethics, and making the transition from analog to digital across various media, as well as wider issues in technology, economics, and politics.

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