Top 9 Human Resources Blogs to Follow (plus a bonus blog)

Human Resources (HR) is evolving faster than ever. And for those of you in HR, keeping up with the latest trends, on top of your job responsibilities, is getting harder and harder. As an executive search firm handling a wide variety of executive roles across industries, we feel the pain of staying current too. So we asked our executive recruiters and researchers and some clients for which blogs they read to stay up to date. Below are the top 9 human resources blogs to follow:  

    1. HR Bartender: Sharlyn Lauby 
      • With practical content and a casual tone, HR Bartender focuses on topics that relate to the workplace, not just human resources. Some of the most popular subjects deal with how to be a better supervisor and leader, employee engagement and career advice.
    2. The HR Capitalist: Kris Dunn
      • KD (Kris Dunn) is so prolific, he has more than one blog (his other is Fistful of Talent). He is adamant that HR rocks, and considers himself one of the most transparent HR experts you’ll ever come across. He cares about helping others in the field and creating and building a community where people can learn. As someone who’s been putting his thoughts down every business day for over 10 years, he can’t hide. What you see is what you get.
    3. Evil HR Lady: Suzanne Lucas
      • Suzanne’s goal is to demystify your human resources department. She addresses the perception that all HR people are evil. In reality, there’s just more going on behind the scenes than most people know. Suzanne will let you know why you worked your tail end off all year and still got a 1.7 percent bonus.
    4. Chief Happiness Officer: Alexander Kjerulf
      • Alexander is one of the world’s leading experts on happiness at work and the author of five books. If you’re looking for ideas on how to motivate your employees and improve employee engagement, Alexander’s blog is exactly what can help you.
    5. Laurie Ruettimann: Laurie Ruettimann
      • Laurie loves calling out boorish behavior, she is dedicated to the revolutionary and long-overdue mission of fixing work by telling stories and teaching leaders how to create workplace cultures that support, empower, and engage workers meaningfully.
    6. Undercover Recruiter: Blog
      • This blog provides a variety of perspectives with insight for job seekers as well as hiring managers and headhunters. Providing both points of view is helpful for anyone who wants to understand what the person across the table may be thinking. 
    7. Everyday People: Steve Brown
      • Steve Brown has been an HR professional for more than 30 years across industries. He is on the SHRM Board of Directors and manages this straightforward looking blog. His passion for HR is obvious as he and other contributors tackle serious topics like HR strategies as well as more lighthearted fare with a personal touch.
    8. Monster Thinking: Eric Winegardner
      • Yes, it is, but don’t let that fool you. Eric Winegardener manages the blog and has been recognized as one of the top 100 HR influencers. While he does contribute to the blog, it is a platform for HR experts to share their knowledge. It may be a corporate blog but it also has a lot of great insight, data, and different points of view.
    9. The Tim Sackett Project: Tim Sackett
      • Tim describes his blog as his therapy. He doesn’t mind writing what he thinks and knows that not everyone is going to agree with everything he writes. Heck, he doesn’t even agree with some things he writes after some reflection. He loves being in the recruiting and HR field, and making fun of all the crazy stuff that happens.

If there’s a blog you think we should be reading, send us a note.