What Should I Expect from an Executive Recruiter

As with your business, executive recruiting firms are facing changes to their business. Technology does not discriminate and the impact of innovation affects everyone. The question becomes, how are you embracing the changes? If you’re adaptable and ready to adopt new practices, you will thrive in the new environment. So what should you expect from an executive recruiter today.

Part of the challenge facing executive recruitment firms is the fact that many of the roles they are recruiting for didn’t exist even a decade ago. Finding executive level experience for newly created position results in more work to understand the hybrid-background required to fill the position. For a Chief Customer Officer, they need to find candidates who have worked with clients in the past, but not only from a sales perspective. They also need to understand financial modeling to predict cross-sell and upsell opportunities, as well as display account management capabilities to ensure they can build relationships.

The best executive recruiters understand they need to provide value to their clients, and the definition of value has changed in the past few years. No longer is it enough to just offer recruiting services. Clients expect more support during the hiring process and new to many recruiters, post hire support as well.

During the executive search process, clients are looking for more insight into a candidate’s soft skills. This can include assessments, case study responses, role-playing exercises, scenario planning, among other alternative exercises.

In essence, clients now expect their executive search partners to be strategic advisors. They are looking for support and guidance on executive team dynamics, board composition and effectiveness, cultural implementation and adoption, diversity issues, organizational mapping, and succession planning. This final element is more important than most people realize. With baby boomers retiring in record numbers, there are simply not enough people to fill the vacancies created.

Executive recruiters are looking beyond the resume and requisite skills to find candidates who have demonstrated agility and lateral thinking (e.g. thinking outside of the box). Technology continues to advance and reshape markets. Showing resilience and creativity in the face of change provides insight into the character and leadership traits of candidates. In many cases, how they handled adversity or a setback can be more desirable to a potential employer as it highlights their ability to bounce back and recalibrate.

If you aren’t getting the service you expect from your executive recruiting firm, let us know. At Sheer Velocity we are here to help you create the strongest executive team and build the best board to drive revenue. We work with you through candidate identification, recruitment, screening, interviewing, hiring, onboarding, and initial engagement.