What Value Do Executive Recruiters Provide?

With over a 100 years among us as executive recruiters, we can tell you that good people are hard to find, difficult to attract, and tough to retain. This is true regardless of the current hiring climate.

Additionally, we’ve found that all of our clients agree with the adage: the one thing you can’t get more of is time. If you’re still considering how you want to approach your next senior level hire, consider the value executive recruiters provide.

To quote Peter Drucker, “The most important decisions in organizations are people decisions.” We couldn’t agree more. Hiring the right people initially, removes all manner of issues down the road. Every company, no matter the size, is made up of people. And it’s those people who determine the degree of success an organization can achieve.

Working with a retained executive recruiter is going to be more expensive than managing the process internally or with a contingency search firm. However, the value derived from executive recruiters far outweighs the cost.


Conducting a senior level search internally limits the number and quality of your applicants. Your HR team is going to put their feelers out and potentially post the job on specific job boards, but their reach is limited. This is not their full time job. And even if you have a team that does nothing but sourcing, they are typically focused on entry to mid level roles. The economics of keeping an active list of executives doesn’t make sense.

For executive recruiters, this is all we do. We stay in touch with our network of candidates in order to support them and to find new qualified candidates. Our ability to tap into our network for references uncovers more qualified candidates that you can’t find on your own or through a contingency search firm.


A bad hire does far more damage than you imagine and the effects can linger for years. This is why fit is such a crucial element. Finding executives who match the company culture has more to do with success than either technical or leadership skills.

Uncovering whether or not a candidate is going to be a good fit is difficult if they are engaging with you directly. They certainly aren’t going to show you anything except their best self. Executive recruiters get to know each candidate they work with. They are able to determine who fits your profile without you having to sit through candidates who looked good on paper but don’t match your needs.


The number one reason to work with executive recruiters is time. Leading an organization is difficult, and you need to be as focused as possible on the business. As we noted earlier, bringing in the right talent can be a multiplier to your growth. Wasting time trying to find the right person costs you money, resources, and time…time you don’t have. The fastest, most effective way to identify and onboard your next executive is with the support of an executive recruiter.

To learn more about Sheer Velocity’s approach that improves your chances of finding the right candidate the first time, visit us online. Or if you’d like to talk about your next search, let us know and we’ll get right back to you.