Our Retained Executive Search Firm Can Connect You With Top Talent

Sheer Velocity is an executive search firm that specializes in finding and recruiting top-level professionals, such as senior executives, directors, and other high-level managerial roles, for companies or organizations specializing in a variety of niches – from high-tech and the venture capital sector to the hospitality industry and manufacturing. We work on behalf of clients who are looking to fill executive positions by conducting a thorough search, assessing candidates’ qualifications and fit for the role, and assisting with the hiring process. We have a network of contacts and resources to help source and attract top talent and have partners in over 30 countries. Additionally, we have offices in Denver, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Chicago, Scottsdale, Dallas, and Phoenix.

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We Ensure a Solid Match Between You and the Best Candidates

Finding candidates who fit in culturally with your company is essential for long-term success and employee satisfaction. We take the time to understand your company culture and values so we can accurately assess candidates and ensure they are a good fit. This includes evaluating their past experiences, personality traits, and work preferences to determine if they align with your company’s culture. By focusing on cultural fit, we can help you build a strong and cohesive team that will thrive in your unique work environment.   

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Sheer Velocity's Executive Recruiters Use a Strict Search Process

While we tailor every client’s search process, the first step will typically involve meeting with the client and discussing their goals and what they’re looking for in an ideal candidate. The next steps will involve fresh research, conducting interviews, verifying their skills, conducting background checks and speaking to references on the client’s behalf. Lastly, we’ll discuss the client’s top choices together and extend any verbal offers. Throughout the search process, we’ll utilize the Hogan Assessment, and more, to determine the candidate’s personality traits, values, and potential fit within the client’s organization.

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Our Executive Recruiting Firm Will Connect You With the Best Candidates for Your Success

By using a combination of tools and methods, we aim to make the most informed and effective hiring decisions possible. Our team of professional recruiters has a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success in matching candidates with the right opportunities, including a list of qualified professionals who may not be actively job-seeking but who are open to new opportunities.


Executive Recruitment, Placement and Retention

Innovative and Personalized Onboarding
Hogan Assessments
Cultural Alignment

Our Team

Our recruiters in Boulder have previously served at the highest levels inside top executive search firms. They know what it takes to find a good leader and to be a good leader, and they respect the difficult hiring challenges that you face. It can be a hard and tiring process and take time away from important projects, which is precisely why partnering with our recruitment firm is beneficial. We take pride in our work and want to help you connect with the best candidates the Boulder area has to offer. We’ll work closely with you to create a customized approach and successfully execute those plans into deliverable (and desirable) results.

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Solving Recruitment Needs for Fortune 500 Companies

Our team of experienced recruiters specializes in finding top talent for a variety fo companies, from venture capital-backed startups to Fortune 500 companies across various industries throughout the United States. We have a large network of qualified candidates who can quickly identify the right individuals to meet your specific recruiting needs. Whether you are looking to fill executive roles, middle management roles, technical positions, or operations, we have the expertise to source and screen candidates efficiently and effectively. Let us help you build a strong and dynamic team that will drive your company’s success for many years to come.

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Contact Our Executive Recruitment Firm Dedicated to Identifying and Hiring Outstanding Talent

We Hire the Best Candidates for You

With our extensive network and industry experience, our Boulder executive search firm aims to find top-tier candidates who meet each company’s specific needs. Our rigorous screening process ensures that only the most qualified individuals are presented to our clients. Partnering with our firm guarantees a smooth and efficient hiring process. We look forward to discussing your goals and helping you increase your ROI.

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