Experienced Recruiters In Bellevue, WA

At Sheer Velocity, we specialize in identifying, recruiting, and retaining qualified candidates for a wide range of positions (mid to high-level) for various industries. The hiring process can be complex, time-consuming, risky, and costly, but when you work with our professional retained executive search firm, it doesn’t have to be.

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The Benefits of Partnering With Our Executive Recruiters in Bellevue

Partnering with our Bellevue recruiters can provide numerous benefits for companies looking to fill mid to high-level positions within their organizations. Firstly, we have access to a vast network of top-tier talent, some of whom may not even be actively searching for a position but who have the necessary skills and experience that companies are looking for and that are needed for their continued success. We can save companies time and resources in the hiring process. Additionally, our staff are experienced in assessing individuals for executive roles since they have owned boutique search firms and served at the highest level within their companies, and can ensure that the chosen candidate is the best fit for the position and the company’s culture. Lastly, we can provide valuable insights and expert advice throughout the entire recruitment process, helping companies make informed decisions and secure top talent efficiently.

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Specializing in a Wide Range of Practice Areas

We’ve worked with various industries including finance and accounting, industrial and manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, consumer goods, the oil and gas sector, and many more. We’re top recruiters in Washington, so no matter your industry or the executive position you need to fill, we can help you connect with the best candidates and make an informed decision.

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We've Extended Our Search Process Globally

We have several recruiting firms in the U.S., including Seattle, Denver, Boulder, St. Louis, San Francisco, Scottsdale, Chicago, and Dallas. But, thanks to our global partner INAC, we have access to a network of over 30 independent executive retained search firms. Our search partners meet regularly to share their expertise, enhance best practices and collaborate closely to deliver successful staffing and recruiting services.


Executive Recruitment, Placement and Retention

Innovative and Personalized Onboarding
Hogan Assessments
Cultural Alignment

How Our Innovative Onboarding Process Works

Sheer Velocity has the experience and a proven method to assess and find a great candidate that drives financial results and aligns with your company’s culture. One of the best ways to ensure this success is by fully preparing the successful candidate and getting them up to speed as quickly as possible. What they accomplish in the first 90 days will highly impact their long-term success. Our vetting process will also allow us to uncover their accomplishments/achievements which we’ll compare to the demands of the role you want to fill.

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Why We Utilize the Hogan Assessment

We utilize the Hogan Assessment for its ability to provide valuable insights into a candidate’s personality traits, values, and potential fit within a specific role or organization. By using this assessment tool, we can make more informed decisions when matching candidates with job opportunities. The Hogan Assessment helps to identify potential strengths and areas for development within individuals, allowing our executive recruiters to better understand how a candidate may perform in a given position.

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We Place a Big Focus On Cultural Alignment

When we work with our clients to find the best candidate for their organization, we prioritize cultural alignment as a key factor in our selection process. We believe that a candidate’s fit within the company culture is just as important as their qualifications and experience. By understanding the values, beliefs, and norms of our client’s organization, we are able to identify candidates who not only have the necessary skills and expertise but also share similar values and outlook on work. This ensures a better fit between the candidate and the company, leading to higher levels of job satisfaction, productivity, and retention.

Contact us to discuss our recruitment services and how they can benefit your business. We can assist you with all of our executive search needs and create a customized approach for each client and their goals.

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