An Executive Search Firm in San Francisco Dedicated to Building Strong, Lasting Teams

With our extensive network and specialized search techniques, we are able to connect companies with the most qualified candidates for their leadership and executive roles. Our team of experienced retained search consultants located in San Francisco works closely with clients specializing in a wide range of industries to understand their unique needs and cultures, allowing us to deliver exceptional results.

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We Provide Executive Search Services Internationally Thanks to Our Many Search Partners

What began as an executive search firm in Denver, Colorado, quickly turned into several offices across the United States, with locations now in San Francisco, Seattle, Arizona, Dallas, and more. And, thanks to our search partner INAC, we now work with clients in over 30 countries around the world. INAC has over 30 years of experience in the executive recruiting sector and holds itself to the highest standard possible.

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There are Many Benefits to Working With a Firm Specializing in Executive Assessment and Recruiting

When it comes to filling leadership roles within your organization, partnering with an executive search firm can be incredibly beneficial. A retained executive search firm specializing in executive talent can provide you with access to top professionals who have the expertise and experience necessary to help your business continue to thrive and grow. Whether you are looking for a C-level executive or a senior-level manager, an executive recruiting firm can assist you in navigating the recruitment process and identifying the best candidates for the position.

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We Have an In-Depth Knowledge of the Job Market

One of the main advantages of working with our recruiting agency in San Francisco is our in-depth knowledge of the local job market and our ability to attract and retain top talent to your organization. We can offer you access to a vast network of the best talent around and can streamline the search process to ensure that you find the right candidate quickly and efficiently. Since our team members have run boutique recruitment agencies before or served at the highest levels within their company, they can also provide clients with valuable insights and guidance throughout the hiring process, helping you to make informed decisions and select the best candidate for the job. 


Executive Recruitment, Placement and Retention

Innovative and Personalized Onboarding
Hogan Assessments
Cultural Alignment

How the Hogan Assessment Helps Connect Us with Top Talent

The Hogan Assessment is a valuable tool that our San Francisco office wields because it plays a crucial role in connecting our clients with leaders. By providing a comprehensive analysis of an individual’s personality traits, values, and potential derailers, this assessment enables companies to make more informed decisions in their talent acquisition processes. With a focus on predicting job performance and potential leadership capabilities, the Hogan Assessment helps us to identify candidates who possess the skills and traits necessary for success within our clients’ companies. This leads to a more efficient and effective recruitment process, ultimately resulting in the selection of top-tier talent that aligns with the organization’s goals and values.

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Our San Francisco Executive Search Firm Can Help Boost Your Company's ROI

Because of Sheer Velocity’s state-of-the-art search processes and innovative personality assessments, clients can expect higher employee retention and a greater ROI. Plus, executive search recruitment can be timely and costly, but when you partner with our recruitment firm, we’ll help you save time and resources in the long run, reduce your likelihood of turnover, and ultimately, drive your growth and profitability. 

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The Right Candidate is Crucial to the Success of Your Company. Our Full-Service Recruitment Agency Can Help You Find This Success.

Find Out Why Our Repeat Clients Rely On Us For All of Their Retained Search Needs

Our clients include those in private equity, venture capital, Fortune 500, and privately held companies. From marketing and sales, accounting and finance, consumer goods and services, hospitality, healthcare, life sciences, and many more, we work diligently on your behalf to find you the talent to drive your growth. We ensure you succeed by helping identify top performers. We have many returning clients in the San Francisco area who trust us with all of their recruiting needs, and we’d love to have company see why. Contact our team today to begin discussing your business and recruitment goals. We look forward to speaking with you! 

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