Our Phoenix Executive Search Firm Attracts and Identifies Top Talent

If you’re looking for an executive-level candidate, finding the right talent can not only be difficult, but it takes a lot of time away from other important projects. Plus, filling leadership positions is crucial to the success of your organization, therefore, top candidates must have the right skills and experience but also align with your company’s culture and values. Partnering with our recruitment firm in Phoenix allows you to continue to spend time on your projects while providing you with peace of mind knowing we keep you updated throughout the entire search process.

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Utilizing Our Network to Find You High-Level Talent

Partnering with our executive recruiters in Phoenix allows you to tap into a pool of talented individuals who may not be actively seeking a new position but could be open to new opportunities. We have a vast network and a global reach in over 30 countries. This partnership allows us to attract top international talent and serve clients around the world. We also have offices in Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Dallas, St. Louis, Boulder, and Scottsdale, and headquarters in Denver, Colorado.

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We Believe That Cultural Alignment is Key to Finding the Right People

When it comes to interviewing executive-level candidates, we ask probing questions that assess their leadership style, problem-solving abilities, and cultural fit. We’re firm believers that cultural alignment is crucial when it comes to finding qualified candidates who can drive the success of your organization. This alignment will help ensure that the candidate will fit in well with your team and be able to thrive in your company’s unique work environment. Cultural values can encompass a variety of factors, including communication style, work ethic, attitudes toward teamwork, and overall company mission and vision. By finding a candidate who shares these values, you are more likely to have a harmonious and cohesive team that can work effectively towards common goals.

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How We Use the Hogan Personality Assessment

We utilize the Hogan Assessment to help you find the personality that best suits your team. Afterall, a candidate who is filling a leadership role with a personality that suits will only lead to more success. Our Phoenix recruiters personalize their interview questions based on the candidate’s work style behaviors and provide clients with this insight so they can make the best hiring decision.


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Cultural Alignment

Executive Recruiting Firm For Various Niches

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, a large corporation, or a small, privately held business in the Phoenix area, we’re a recruitment firm specializing in finding and vetting the right candidate for you. We’ve worked with healthcare companies, industrial and manufacturing companies, nonprofit organizations, private equity firms, and more. We recognize successful candidates and what drives the success of your business, no matter your niche.

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Our Team

Sheer Velocity’s executive search consultants in Phoenix, Arizona, have owned boutique executive search firms and served at the highest levels inside industry-leading top executive search firms, therefore, they know what it takes to fill critical leadership roles. Leadership placements can be some of the hardest to fill in an organization. It requires finding someone who not only has the necessary skills and experience to lead a team effectively, but also possesses the right personality traits and leadership qualities. Our recruiters understand and respect the challenges you face and have been in your shoes before, which is precisely why they’re so meticulous in searching for the best candidates in the Phoenix area for you.

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Ready to See What Our Recruiting Services Can Do for You? We’re Some of the Best Executive Recruiters in Arizona.

We Discover and Retain Top Talent for Top Companies

Our experienced team of recruiters specializes in finding high-quality candidates who meet your specific requirements and fit seamlessly within your organization. We have a proven track record of successfully placing top talent in a variety of industries in the Arizona market including the hospitality industry, healthcare, transportation, and many more. Let us help you hire the best candidates for your company’s needs. Contact us today to learn more about our executive search services.

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