What Executive Recruiters Do

Executive recruiters work with companies to identify, screen, and present candidates for executive level openings. They typically work on VP, C-suite, and Board level roles. Executive recruiters are most often retained by the company they work for, but can work on a contingency basis. Executive recruiters work for the companies they conduct searches for. These … Continued

How Executive Search Firms Work

Executive or retained search firms work with companies that are in need of executive level talent. They typically focus at the VP, C-suite, and Board level. Retained recruiters are also better able to reach passive candidates. Thus improving the chances of finding a perfect fit for the opening. These searches are often kept private to … Continued

Succession Planning

Across the C-suite, we are reading of a succession planning crisis. Whether it be CEOs, CMOs, CFOs, the baby boomer generation is retiring and there are simply not enough seasoned, qualified candidates to backfill the number of openings they have created. Gen-X, which followed the boomers is a much smaller generation (61 million compared to … Continued

Retail Industry Changes

The retail industry is a difficult one to peg. Just a few years ago everyone decried the end of brick-and-mortar. Yet today, many retail chains are thriving. Customers have also gone from “showrooming” to “webrooming”. Though retail has bounced back in recent years, it doesn’t mean it is the same business it was before. Retail … Continued

Interviewing Mistakes

Interviewing candidates for an executive opening is a significant step in the hiring process. How else are you going to be able to get to know your potential co-worker? At this level, you can expect the interviewee to have as many questions about your business as you do about their experience and culture fit. While … Continued

Healthcare Executive Hiring Challenges

The healthcare industry is facing risk, uncertainty, and increased complexity, according to PwC Health Research Institute’s new report, “Top health industry issues of 2018: A year for resilience amid uncertainty.” From artificial intelligence and IoT to healthcare reform and patient experience PwC identifies a dozen trends that will require the attention of the C-suite. You … Continued

What to Look for When Hiring a CMO

Technology is changing how we all work, and that includes your executive leadership team. One role that has evolved more than any other in the C-suite is the CMO. Marketing is no longer considered a cost center with no way to justify their spend. Gone are the days of, “I know I’m wasting half my … Continued

Create C-Suite Success

Teamwork, it’s a word we all use and expect of our departments. One measure of leadership is how well you manage your team. Are they working together or are there issues that impede their progress and create friction. Good leaders have good teams. But what about the leaders as a team? To create C-suite success, … Continued

Can AI Replace my Executive Recruiter?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to stay. It’s impact is being felt by every industry…from manufacturing to healthcare to financial services to food and beverage. Recruiting has already seen AI introduced in a variety of areas including the writing of job descriptions, web scans to identify potential candidates, chat bots during the application process, just … Continued

Do I need a CISO?

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), a role that barely existed when the calendar rolled over to the year 2000. While it’s a relatively new role in the C-suite, it’s fast becoming one of the most important. The number and sophistication of cyber attacks keeps increasing, and companies are finding it hard to keep up. The … Continued