Tips on Working with Executive Search Firms

Whether you’ve worked with a retained executive search firm in the past or you’re considering it for the first time. In order to create a positive experience there are a few things you’ll want to know. Below we’ve provided four tips on working with executive search firms. Be Prepared The first tip is to be … Continued

Tips on Hiring a CEO

Hiring a CEO is something most of us don’t do very often. If we are doing it a lot, things are going poorly. That is unless you’re part of a private equity firm. When they invest in a company, they often hire a new CEO. According to Alix Partners, 58% of CEO’s are replaced within … Continued

Executive Hiring Challenges

When you have an opening on your executive team, you know how difficult it can be to find the best possible candidate to fill the role. Not only do they need to have the requisite technical skills, they also need to fit your company’s culture. Finding the proverbial unicorn is not impossible, but there are … Continued

Improve Executive Hiring Success Rates

Here at Sheer Velocity, we have always done things a little differently. Our approach focuses on transparency and tenacity in meeting your specific recruiting needs. The majority of our clients have worked with us on multiple assignments and have been with us for more than a year. Part of the reason for our success is … Continued

Finding the Right Executive Culture Fit

Working with retained executive search firms provides a number of benefits. One of the most important is finding the right executive culture fit. At this level of search, candidates have earned their stripes. They are very good at their jobs and have the technical/professional skill sets required to meet the job specifications. What really matters … Continued

Boutique or Top 5 Retained Search Firm?

Size matters. That’s what too many people think when they are looking for a retained search firm. They apply the old adage, “you don’t get fired for buying IBM or Microsoft.” However, hiring one of the top 5 global firms, while safe, does not necessarily result in the the best candidate selection. Whereas, boutique retained search … Continued

3 Reasons to Avoid a Specialized Search Firm

There are a lot of considerations you have to take into account when filling an open position on your executive team. You’ve decided to work with a retained search firm. But there are a lot of options out there and you’re not sure which firm is the best match for your specific needs. There are … Continued

Working with an Executive Recruiter as a Candidate

Whatever the reason, you have decided to look for a new position, so congratulations on taking a step forward in your career. In addition to your network and job boards, you may be considering enlisting the help of a recruiter (aka headhunter). If you’ve never worked with recruiters before, there are a few guidelines to … Continued

Executive Assessments – Finding the Right Fit

As you’ve no doubt experienced, everyone you work with is far more interesting and complex than their resume initially indicated. While it provided an overview of their work history, education, and accomplishments, it can’t highlight how a person thinks, how they handle pressure, or define their interpersonal skills. When hiring for a senior level position, … Continued